24 March 2005

$130!!!! Ridiculous...

Money is not something I usually think about. When I'm writing a bill, or walking the fine line between having a balance and being overdrawn at the end of the semester, then it might pop into my head. But even then, it's not high-priority.

But this morning, it's definitely on my mind. I got a ticket last night. That's right, a ticket. Honestly, I'm the safest driver I know. I rarely speed, I wear my seatbelt, and I couldn't even try to be reckless (ok, so I raced someone once when I was 16, but on a rural road with no traffic--real dangerous lol). The ticket was for what apparently is a really big no-no: "disobeying a stop sign." I stopped, but I stopped with half the car past the sign. Oh, the horror! And for that, I sit in my car with one of those SUV police cruisers with its spotlight on me for 20 minutes. I was honest, friendly, and totally agreeable with the policeman. I expected to get out of it (which always makes being agreeable easier), but apparently I must have blinked once too many times or something, because I got the ticket. Oddly enough, it was at the exact same intersection I was in a fender bender last year. I'm beginning to think I should take a new way home from classes.

Now, I can accept getting ticketed, but how does me rolling halfway past a stop sign with no other car in sight for miles warrant that kind of fine? My inner utilitarian is definitely up in arms. Maybe they'll use the money to pour rice in a pothole, or whatever technique they've been using lately....


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