31 March 2005

"2L in a handbag"

Catchy title, no? Puns are like the store-brand bandages of the humor universe: initially they stick, and provide a quick-fix (dare I say a "band-aid" solution?). But then a single teardrop from a dust mite falls on a corner of the adhesive strip, and they fall off, leaving the wound open to things like...dust mite tears. How did this analogy go so horribly awry? It's only 10:30--this must mean my brain has decided to turn off earlier than usual. Yet I forge on...

The title represents the malaise I've been feeling lately toward the whole law school experience. Is it how insanely busy I've been? ["Yeah right," you say, "so busy that he can keep a daily blog."] Is it that I'm halfway through with no real feel for where I'm going? Is it that weird funk in the law school stairwell that smells like pine scented garbage twinkies? Will Hostess have to market such a product when the world becomes overrun by its own waste?

I've never been good at self-diagnosis (the whole idea seems counterintuitive), so instead I'm left to wallow. I suppose I could just follow the old adage and pick myself up by the bootstraps, but I have sandals on, and I'm not that flexible. I know. I'll blame the weather. Except I can't-- who would be in a slump when it's hit 70 for the first time since last September and the sun is shining? I'm gonna go now and look for things with which to distract myself....


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