24 March 2005

The Man Behind the Blog

yours truly Posted by Hello

Well, this whole blog thing is really interesting. Not sure what you'd call that pose--maybe "contemplative," although at that point is was just getting frustrated with my digital camera (I have a classic love-hate relationship with technology). It does seem like a good time to comment on the ring though. First of all, it's not a wedding ring (clearly that would be the wrong finger), or an engagement ring, or a friendship ring. On the other hand, it's not just a ring. I guess I'll save the backstory for after I've been on here a few months, maybe allow people to guess (if I actually get any comments, which my friend's blogs usually don't, so we'll see if I can buck that trend).

The hat? Well, that's easy. GO SPARTANS! I was never a State fan growing up (yes, I was more of a GO BLUE person then, though fairweather at best). But even with our football teamhaving its ups and downs, I've grown attached to the green and white, and it definitely becomes easier in basketball season. The men's team has their Sweet 16 appearance tomorrow night vs. the Puke Blue Devils (oops, I mean Duke--freudian slip). Hopefully, the Spartans will pull through and help my severely ailing bracket. I mean, I'm a big fan of upsets, but Bucknell? Vermont? At least I didn't bet money....


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