25 March 2005

Spartans + (Victory * Duke) = Awesome

Sweet....no, wait,...Elite Posted by Hello
March Madness is always great, but when your team knocks off the number one seed in their region, who just happen to be the Duke Blue Devils, who we haven't beat since 1958, to get to our fifth Elite Eight in the last seven years....to put it lightly, that qualifies as AWESOME!!! (trust me, multiple exclamation points are definitely in order)

I could write about how we wore them down with our athleticism and deep bench, or how we shut down Reddick, or got their key big guys in foul trouble, or how Duke turned it over 20 times because of our superior defense. I could write about that, but I'm still riding that post-victory euphoria (I think I might until tomorrow morning). So instead, I'll just say, once again...that was awesome.


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