27 March 2005


Ok, so beating Duke was awesome. I think we've already established that. But as good as that was, beating Kentucky, an equally storied program, to get to the Final Four--and doing it in a heart-stopping, double overtime victory--is better. Our fourth trip to the promised land in seven years.

This would also be a good time to bring up my lucky streak. You see, I have always been at a school when a national championship is won. My last year at Oklahoma, the football team went undefeated and won the championship against a heavily-favored Florida State team. My last year at Grand Valley, the same thing happened, except in Division II. Now, I realize we're dealing with basketball, and that we haven't won it yet, or gone undefeated, and that I'll be at State another year. But I'll take what I can get....

In other news, the family and I went to the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral last night. Even when I was little, I loved all the symbolism, mystery, and celebration of that one night each year. Christmas Eve was always a close second, for the same reasons. I guess for some people going to church is more of a social function (many of my Protestant friends would admit to that), but I was always more drawn to the history, ritual, and ceremony. I'm not sure if that's right or wrong, or if there is any way to be right or wrong when it comes to expressing faith. The truth is, I'll always feel more at home beneath the vaulted ceiling of a cathedral, with the sounds of an organ echoing from the choir loft, than I ever will in a sterile, architecturally modern church, with guitar, drums, and who knows what other instruments perched up front. Despite growing up in that kind of post-Vatican II environment, it was never a good fit, and never will be. I'm not sure that anyone else wanted all those liturgical changes either, or what benefit they have provided, especially with more substantive problems (like a shortage of vocations) looming.

[Why does the topic of religion consistently lead me into such lengthy tangents?]


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