22 April 2005

Another reason why I will not, under any circumstances, ever live in Florida. Especially if I ever have kids. I'm not sure how recently this happened (considering I watched it on FNC, so you never know). Apparently, a five-year old girl was arrested by police because she was creating a disturbance by not participating in her kindergarten math class. Whoa. No knives or guns or other menacing things. Rather, a felony arrest for committing a battery against a member of the support staff. I think they said biting and scratching. Really dangerous, you know. And for this, she wasn't just arrested, but cuffed on her hands and feet. The whole thing was videotaped, too, so that administrators could learn from the experience. Which I guess means this is something they were planning on doing again sometime. Because we need to start sending a message, and as early as possible. The next time you want to throw a spitball at teacher, beware: the SWAT team might be called.

There is so much wrong with this and with every person involved. I can't believe that at least five adults (probably more) actually had the conscious thought that this was an okay thing to do. I don't even know what else to say, and so I won't. It all pretty much speaks for itself. A five year old. In cuffs.


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