22 April 2005

Glad that's off my chest....

Just wanted to say: don't read the blog entry below this one. It's just me being justifiably p.o.'d about something from today. I want this blog to sort of be a journal for me, as well as be somewhat enjoyable for whoever reads it. I think those two goals conflict a lot, though, and that last entry is clearly an example of material that is good for a journal but definitely not entertaining. Unless you're working in your own life on not being a pushover....and even then, not that entertaining. Not at all. Don't read it. But I'm still leaving it up : )

So now I feel obliged to be funny and compensate. Well, the other day in Evidence we learned how the Best Evidence Rule requires an "original document." Now, when I was young, I learned that "original" meant....um, original. I'm short on synonyms. We all know what it means, though. But in the magical world of law school, you learn that "original" also includes a copy, a duplicate, a carbon, a print-out. Everything in the known universe, basically. Under that guise, something patently not original is called "original." I guess that's funny. Sort of.

On the not-so-funny but interesting side of things, here's an interesting article on blogging and the implications for businesses.

Blogs are different. They evolve with every posting, each one tied to a moment. So if a company can track millions of blogs simultaneously, it gets a heat map of what a growing part of the world is thinking about, minute by minute. E-mail has carried on billions of conversations over the past decade. But those exchanges were private. Most blogs are open to the world. As the bloggers read each other, comment, and link from one page to the next, they create a global conversation..

Ooooo. I had this image of an evil corporate boardroom with a huge infrared map, like they always have in the villain's lair in every action movie with world domination as its theme (so, basically 95% of action movies). Timmy (a very popular kid) in Iowa writes that his pet gerbil, named Molasses, just died. Friends respond about the deaths of their own gerbils, and how sad that was. Others want the back story on why he named it molasses. The feed starts coming out of the ancient looking computer back in the boardroom. "Sir, we have activity in Iowa. People are really talking about...." "What, man, what can we bring to the masses in Iowa?" "Sir, it's hard to tell, but apparently they want dead gerbils and molasses."

Clearly I'm warped.


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