01 April 2005

Mommy, look what I made...

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...and all by myself, too. I've often been a fan of comic strips, so I've made the bold decision to start my own. I'm pleased enough with the first attempt. I figure that I like drawing as much as writing (well, almost--certainly one is less time-intensive), and rather than segregate these two parts of my personality, I'd combine them into something hopefully worthwhile. The above creation took three hours using Microsoft Paint; three hours that could (okay, should) have been spent outlining for my law classes, or cite checking, or thinking through my latest bout of law school malaise. I suppose this isn't the best sort of investment in my future, but who knows. Maybe I'll get good at this comic strip endeavor, and be "discovered" (all at once now, "ooooohhhhh").

Or not. Remember, my subtitle says I'm only 8% totally incurable dreamer. Whatever. I still feel like breaking out the champagne, or at least some sparkling white grape juice--I'd even settle for CapriSun and club soda--because I can't remember the last time I did something completely creative of this magnitude. I'm hoping the work product will mature eventually, and that I'll be able to post about once a week. It still needs its own distinct "voice," which I imagine is simply a function of time and energy.

And last, I'd like to thank Jeremy Blachman, whom I've never met. But I've linked to his blog on my site (see "humorous law school blog" link), and anyone who is marginally human can read it and gain two benefits. First, uncontrollable laughter. Second, the epiphanal realization that who we are and what we become is definitely not a function of where we are at a given moment. Is it sad to have this knowledge at age 25? Probably not. I figure that I still have a few whiplash-inducing 180's ahead on my lifepath before I have to become worried about any detriment to my retirement savings. So, thanks man.


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