06 April 2005

Overheard today (maybe fodder for another comic strip?):
1L Guy: "So in this forfeiture case I'm reading, the family car gets taken away because the husband screwed around in it with a prostitute and got caught."
1L Girl: "I'll just never understand how someone can do that."
1L Guy: "I know, I mean getting with a prostitute...that's just nasty."
1L Girl: "No, I meant doing it in a car."

Five minutes later, the girl was advocating for how awful this must have been for the man, and saying that the wife must have not been providing what the husband needed in the bedroom. The guy kept sticking up for the wife, wondering how his Mom would feel in the same situation. People are just never predictable...

As for my reaction: someone will be getting that car at one of those auto auctions advertised on late night television (Ron Popeil inventions, Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris exercising, and foreclosure sales--the glory of after midnight programming). And then that someone will be driving around town in presumably a vehicle that is very nice and very unique (they always look nice on the ads), so that the wife and everyone she knows will be constantly reminded of what happened. Probably an eggplant hued PT cruiser with leopard upholstery. Even more ironic: a minivan with all the bells and whistles that finds its way into the hands of the reigning soccer Mom queen. And then I thought how said soccer Mom probably owns several Ron Popeil doo-dads, and rotisesserie chicken is on the menu for the fourth time this week. And how she's probably like the one wife on Desperate Housewives (the pale red head with the noticably pronounced bone structure), and is compensating for a loveless marriage by preparing lavish three course meals. And how her husband in a moment of weakness seeks companionship from a lady of the night--while driving the minivan. The vicious cycle continues. [Wait, what if the minivan itself is cursed? Please don't read too much into this thought process. I'm really debating about posting this one, but I'm sure there's worse on the internet...]


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