28 April 2005

Quick Update & Some Begging

Just finished working through 450 pages of Evidence today. The exam is next week, but considering I never read any of the material for the course except when I knew I'd be on call (yes, that was not a smart thing to do), this was a necessary evil. Brain hurts, but in a good way. Like your muscles are sore after you exercise, but it's kind of nice because it's a mark of your accomplishment. My other big (read: four credit) exam is Saturday at 6pm, so I have all tomorrow and most of Saturday to get it all in my brain. Let's hope I planned this whole studying scheme correctly. If not, I'm...well, "screwed" is the word that comes to mind. But at least I think I'm at a B level of understanding in my classes right now, taking into account curving and everything, so that's good. Hopefully I can make that last push and get it to an A level. And let's not pretend it's arrogant to say that. It's not. I like getting A's. Most people do. How do you study for a B anyways?

Which leads to my next question: how do I study for the class I elected to take Pass/Fail? It's impossible to know how much I need to know. I used my other pass/fail option this last summer (you can only pass/fail five credits total), and found out that I actually would have had an A- in the class. I even left the last essay blank. Seriously, that was not fun to find out. So now I'm thinking: what exactly would a D+ be in Basic Income Taxation? I'm thinking it would mean getting 40% of the questions right. But that really doesn't provide any further guidance. Oh well.

Last thing: the "some begging" part of this entry. PLEASE EMAIL AND COMMENT ON MY BLOG(!!!) Really, it would mean a lot. It clearly takes verey little to please me. I have this nifty site meter thing so I know people are visiting. And you can Google me now, so I guess that means something. Sort of. Those of my real-life friends who are reading: there really is no excuse for not emailing or commenting. At least once a week. I mean, honestly. I'd do the same for you. Obviously, if you only want to say "you suck" then don't feel the need to share that : )

This is a very meandering post, and really offers nothing to the readers (who read but don't comment or e-mail). I guess I'll have to up the content level or something. Maybe revive the comic strip. Maybe start dropping f-bombs, which would be totally out of character. Or, better yet, you can decide: what do I need to write about to earn your comments and emails? C'mon, show me some love....


At 12:44 AM, Blogger Atalanta said...

Drive by commenting! Good luck on those exams, and don't worry.. until you start walking into walls and forgetting your own name, there's still space left in your brain for more information. :)

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous ME said...

Geez, skuz. Don't beg, it's not becoming. : ) Oh yeah, and P/F exams--I say don't study. Not to be a bad influence or anything.

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