02 April 2005

Went to Big Boy (a popular Michigan restaurant) to eat some breakfast for lunch. Wondered: "What if Big Boy really does make you say 'Ohhhh Boy!'like the placemats claim? If it doesn't, what if I did anyways, and loud, and repeatedly? Could they make me leave, or could I accuse them of not being faithful to their own marketing?" Clearly, I needed sustenance at this point.

On a side note, I think said marketing team needs some help in other areas. A little flyer next to the table advertised "senior specials." For just $6, you can get "senior pork chop," "senior spaghetti and meatball" (just one!), or, my favorite, "senior meatloaf." As I thought about the phrase "senior meatloaf" I noticed that none of the older waitresses and cashiers were around. Hmmmmm......maybe it was just their day off (yeah, permanent day off!!).

On another (totally) unrelated note, the chili on the soup and salad bar looked unusually chunky.


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