07 May 2005

"2L in a Nutshell"

School’s out for the summer. Even as an adult (or something very much like an adult, I hear the term twixter is being used now, whatever that means), I still love knowing that school is finished for another year. Summers are now filled with work and commitments and responsibilities, but everything still seems a little less severe during those three months. One could argue that this is the summer’s natural effect: it’s warm and the sun is shining and the beautiful people are unburdened by all that bulky winter clothing. These are good things, so naturally we feel good. But I think this seasonal euphoria is heightened because we’re conditioned from our youths to know that summer means vacations and endless cavorting with neighborhood friends. Summer means reading all those books we want to read (like that third grade summer spent reading fifty Hardy Boys’ mysteries), instead of what we have to read for classes (like that generic science book with the gecko on the front). Summer is barbecues and lemonade and trips to Lake Michigan and fireworks, but this is all made infinitely sweeter knowing that it is our time to not have to deal with school.

Why all this nostalgic rambling? Because as much as I love summer—as much as I have a ton of fond memories of early morning bike rides and grass between my toes, and as much as I love knowing that the worst of the school work is over—I think I’ve also grown to have a real fondness for school. When you grow up in a small town, most of your friends stay for the summer, and so the arrival of summer simply means the loss of responsibility. But in college, and even more in law school, summer means migration. It means that the little world you were so immersed in for nine months suddenly—poof!—vanishes.

So I decided that I would make an attempt to memorialize all the people and things that have been important to me in this past year, to pay tribute to my year as a 2L. It will probably span several entries, and last through the next few days, maybe even a week. And I’m not sure if it will be of any appeal to anybody. But I’ve always regretted not being better about this sort of thing—I have a load of journals at home in which just the first several pages are used. A few names here, a few experiences there. But the rest is all floating around in the ether of my memories, which are always subject to fading. Terrible, really.

**A caveat before I start: of course, I’m not going to put in the basic things, like family, God, etc. Obviously, some things are just important inherently. And if you read this and know me and wonder why something didn’t make the list, and feel it should have, then I guess I’m sorry, but this isn’t exactly People magazine J.

For want of a better title, I’m going to call this year’s list:

“2L in a Nutshell”

Because I'm a procrastinator, and a tired one to boot, it will start tomorrow....


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