07 May 2005


That's right, I just finished my last exam. I think I did ok over all. I guess I'll know in a couple weeks. Aren't you all happy that you don't have to hear anymore about my exams? Honestly, I'm glad to be able to get back to having a life outside of academic pursuits, at least for a week :) Then summer classes and a summer job (if the interview on Monday goes well at the tax tribunal). I'll write much more tonight or tomorrow, depending on when my brain feels like staring at a computer for a couple hours would be a good thing. There's this great speech by Maya Angelou from my sister's graduation convocation that I'll have to remember to post.

One last quick thing, before this absolutely pointless post ends: thanks to the people who've sent me emails, including : tb (the lawyer), tb (my bud), js, mj, mr, ml, and se. I'm too tired to write full names, seriously. And thanks to those who have commented. Hopefully you'll stay faithful despite the lapse in quality material. To anyone contemplating dropping me a line: I do respond, especially now that exams are over.

Maybe I'll go do a snoopy dance in celebration. Would that be too juvenile??


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