09 May 2005

Happy Mother's Day

I doubt I could say anything about mothers that has not been said already. Besides, I don't know if I can generalize about mothers very well. They come in just about every conceivable variety, and I really only have experience with one type: mine. So, I'll just write a brief note for her, and hope that it bears some meaning for others:


Dear Mom, thank you--

For teaching me that goals are something to envision,

but that dreams are something to embrace;

For reminding me to treat myself well,

but to treat others better;

For letting me know that I could always come home,

but that I was strong enough to survive when away;

For introducing me not just to the wonder of the world,

but also to the wonder within myself;

For encouraging my true gifts and abilities,

but never discouraging even my most fanciful pursuits;

For guiding me through sadness when needed,

but toward happiness always;


For being a mother,

but most of all just for being Mom.



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