13 May 2005


Man, after having my brain literally humming with activity during finals period, and then getting through the interview, and the post-exam parties....I'm going through a HUGE let down. I don't really want to do anything, but at the same time I know that I can't just laze around the apartment all day, dreaming up things to cook, drawing blueprints, working on Chopin Etude fingerings, playing solitaire. God, this sucks, this being stuck in the middle between boredom and just not having the gumption to pick myself up and accomplish anything.

I think it's because I know what's coming down the pipe. My classes (ack) start Monday morning. I'm taking Mortgages because it's the only class in which I'm interested that actually had seats open. So much for taking Advanced Real Estate Law (or whatever that class is called), which I would have liked to take, but oh well. I took Mortgage Banking Law last summer, so maybe this is the continuation of some sort of disturbing trend. "Spend your summer having a constant reminder of debt! Oh joy!" Well, the prof is supposed to be good. And a few friends are in the class with me. It shouldn't be too painful. The job starts Monday afternoon. I'll work Monday and Wednesday afternoons (the days I have Mortgages) from 2 to 5 (probably until 5:30, to avoid the traffic congestion), and then mornings from 9 to 12 the rest of the week. Overall, a decent schedule. And in my spare time, when I'm not grading briefs for my research assistant job, who knows. Probably stuff with the Journal will crop up.

It will officially be my busiest summer ever, and I'm hoping that being busy will mean I don't do what I'm doing this week, which is nothing. Honestly, I should be catching up on emailing, or blogging, or reading. I'm not the most well-read person, at least not by my standards, but upon perusing my collection I realized that I couldn't talk myself into reading anything. I haven't read a full book since finishing the Lord of the Rings trilogy last year--that's some dry spell. This, from a guy who likes to read. Obviously, that likely won't change this summer. I think I'll just be so occupied that I won't have a lot of downtime for growing as a person.

You know what I'm determined to do this summer, though? I'm determined to take the vacation out east that I've been planning to do for a couple summers now. I haven't told anyone of these plans, because I don't usually reveal my ambitions until I'm pretty sure something will come from them. I've only been to Washington, D.C. twice: once in eighth grade for the National Spelling Bee (which is its own story), and once in tenth grade for what was basically an international science consortium that had a really long acronym (and one that clearly is not memorable to me). Honestly, I just don't feel like D.C. counts. I want to see NYC and Boston, and this year my finances seem to be in order (i.e. I have some extra money--how did that happen?), and I should--should--have a couple weeks free in July/August. The Tribunal is flexible, or so they say, and classes end in early July. One of my better friends (hi Tanisha) from law school is working near NYC this summer at a prosecutor's office, so I could visit her (hopefully she'll not have become too aggressive by that point). I know another old undergrad friend (hi Amanda) getting married in Boston (despite being from Topeka, she'll fit the big city life quite well I think). And maybe I'll drop in on Jeremy, and see how life as a professional writer really is. Or his interpretation of it, at least. I was originally planning to go by way of Montreal, since that's where Dad went to school, and if this somehow worked out as a family trip (weird, the concept of a family trip at this age, but I'm big on family), he would be rightfully thrilled to see his old stomping grounds. Mom always enjoyed trips to St. Louis for that very reason. Plus, it's Montreal. Maybe I could test out those couple years of French I took in college....

Overall, a wonderful way to spend some money at least part of which is funded by the federal government. So, thank you federal government. Hopefully the Stafford Loan people have better things to do than read blogs (?).

I guess this blog post that started out as a paean to boredom ended on a positive note, so that's good. Surprising how often I can ramble myself out of an off mood.


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