16 May 2005

"Hello Angels" "Hello Charlie!"

in case you didn't know, I'm second from the right :) Posted by Hello

Yeah, it was a bad joke, but when I first got this picture on my email, that was my first thought. And it's my way of giving props to the lovely ladies in the picture, even though a Charlie's Angels reference is a little sexist, and not very gentlemanly. But I'm a lovable goof that way, and they would find it amusing, believe me. I won't put names to the faces, because they didn't give permission. The names begin, from left to right, with S, G, K, and R. If you can guess them, you'll earn a prize: impressing me, which is not easily achieved. Oh, aren't I funny...

I realize I don't post many blog pictures (goes along with the whole self-conscious thing), and I don't plan to all the time, but I don't have many pictures of me with friends. Either I forget my camera, or I forget to ask for a picture. And I'd like to have evidence somewhere that I do in fact have a social life, so this one seemed like a good one to post.

Not much else to say on this post. More tonight about my first day at the Tax Tribunal, and my Mortgages class, which is pretty fantastic. I know you're all waiting with baited breath (or whatever that expression is...)


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