27 May 2005

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I heard today on the radio that Beyonce entertained at a Bar Mitzvah for some really rich guy's 13 year old son, all for the bargain price of just $2.2 million.

Honestly, I know nothing about Bar Mitzvah, other than that they mark the passage into adulthood and that when it happens for a girl it's called a Bat Mitzvah. So I decided to look for some info on what exactly is done at one of these events, and found this:

"The meal is often accompanied by speeches from friends and relatives who encourage the bar or bat mitzvah to undertake their new role as a full-fledged Jewish adult with joy, and to strive to add spirituality to their lives."

Huh. I guess having 200 of your closest friends around and hearing Beyonce perform Bootylicious and Naughty Girrl fits the bill.

The same site describing Bar Mitzvahs (is that the proper plural) had some interesting stuff on becoming an adult, which goes well with what Jeremy was talking about on his blog:

"When boys and girls become bar and bat mitzvah, they reach a new stage of development in their lives and start thinking about the kind of people they want to be. At puberty a person no longer lives in the fantasy world of childhood and can begin to make a realistic appraisal of their world. This is the time when their moral awareness and sensitivity fully develops, enabling them to take complete responsibility for their actions. According to Jewish tradition, it is at this point that they are deemed ready to channel their inclination to do good and overcome their natural tendencies to put their own needs before those of others. On a deeper level, just as their bodies are growing and changing in a new way, so too their souls are growing and changing. The Kabbalistic tradition tells us that a person's spiritual being has several levels of soul. A new level of soul called neshamah comes into awareness at bar or bat mitzvah time. This level is what gives a person the ability to make conscious, rational decisions."

Interesting take on the whole adulthood thing. I'm not sure if I totally agree with it, but maybe I'll post some of my own thoughts about it later. But right now, I have to see about how to get my hands on $2.2 million dollars by my birthday. See you in two months, Ms. Knowles :)


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