09 May 2005

Life Is Great...

I'm riding a little wave of euphoria right now, even though it's been ten hours since the BEST INTERVIEW OF MY LIFE!!

I interviewed today at the Tax Tribunal, with two of the Judges and the Assistant Chairman, and I must have done something right. They really seemed to love me, and I had really good answers for everything even though I hadn't taken any time to prepare. It was like being in the zone or something. I was nervous, and still dead tired from my back-to-back exams (I take a while to bounce back), and I just couldn't make myself care enough to go online and research what they do, or prepare my answer to the "What are your three faults?" question that is always asked (it wasn't, amazingly).

Instead, I just donned my suit and winged it, and maybe that's why everything turned out so well. On my way out, as the Assistant Chairman was leading me through the maze of hallways (I expected to see a big hunk of swiss cheese at the end--the place is rather labyrinthine), I heard the one judge say to the Chairman, about fifteen feet in front of me in the hallway "I want him hired, now." Then, the Judge notices I'm down the hallways, points me out to the chairman, and the chairman simply says "You want the job?" And I say sure (that was easy). And he says "You're hired. Kathie will give you the paperwork."

That definitely goes down as record turnaround time from being interviewed to getting hired. It felt almost like a movie. It really did. I start Monday, and I'll probably still be riding a high by then.

The coolest part about the job is that I get to work directly with one of the judges (I'm guessing it will be one of my interviewees, which would be most excellent). Who would have thought I could be this stoked about working at a place called the Tax Tribunal :)


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