17 May 2005

Sith Poem

(Just to keep my string of awful blog post titles going...)

With all the Revenge of the Sith talk going on, I wanted to write a quick Seussian poem on why I will not, under any circumstances, be doling out any cash to see it in any format. Low quality, but I'm trying:

I will not watch Revenge of the Sith
Even after drinking a fifth*
I would not watch it here or there,
I would not watch it with Britney Spears (-Federline),**
I could not, would not at AMC
I will not, will not at NCG
I will not watch it with THX
I will not watch it, despite special FX
I will not watch even the final coda
I will not, will not despite a mad cool Yoda
I will not watch for the rising of Vader,
I would not, could not, 'cause the better movies come later (earlier? whatever...)
I will not rent it on DVD
I won't watch in ten years when it comes on TV
I will not watch Revenge of the Sith,
Regardless of fun people I could go with.

Sorry George :)
*although, if I were the type to do that, it might make it more watchable...
**ok, so I wouldn’t watch anything with her, obviously


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