20 May 2005

To give credit where credit is due...

In case you hadn't heard, Revenge of the Sith exceeded all expectations and broke the single day and opening day box office all time records. I figure I should put something about it given the "poem" a few entries lower about how I won't see it (and I still won't :)). The film wasn't even released in as many theaters as Shrek 2 and Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2, and it opened on a Thursday, making its haul still more impressive. The four day weekend record held by Matrix Reloaded should fall (it was $134 million), but I think the three day Friday to Sunday record of Spider-Man ($115 million) will hold up. Just so all of you know, I love statistics on movies. Could you tell? I even have an account at this thing called Hollywood Stock Exchange (www.hsx.com); guess the name is pretty self-explanatory. No real money, but it was an interesting diversion last summer. (Remarkably, I still know next to nothing about the stock market. Anyone interested in pointing me to a good quick read about it?)

For anyone interested in all things box office related, the best site is linked to on your right (www.boxofficemojo.com).



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