11 June 2005

Making Some Decisions

Scheduling classes should not be difficult. Find what's required and take it, then fill in the gaps with whatever will be heavily tested on the bar or looks good on a resume. Yup, easy stuff. And that's exactly what I did a week ago. Had some tax classes, because I'm working in tax this summer, and tax classes seem to be easy A's for me. Added a couple ULWR (i.e. "big senior paper") classes since I didn't want too many exams. Enrolled in the required Professional Responsibility class (aka, the "(1) don't screw with clients in any sense of the word (2) be very communicative (3) keep finances in order" class). And finished things off with Decedent's Estates and Trusts, because it's on the bar a lot.

I can't say that I was excited about any of my classes except for International Taxation, mainly because as an economics major I did a ton of stuff dealing with globalization but haven't had that kind of exposure yet in law school. As for the rest, I was just neutral. My classes met at good times, the profs were decent as far as I knew, and I didn't really hate the idea of any of them. But I was talking to one of my professors the other day, and telling her my Fall schedule. Her response to at least two of the classes was, and this is pretty much accurate: "Oh gawwwd, that sounds so terribly boring." Except, she has this way of talking that makes a statement like that have even more zing than I could possibly express in type. I managed a few weak protests as to why I was taking these classes, how each one met some sort of requirement or other, etc. Until, finally, I talked myself into a wall (that's a familiar occurrence for me) and realized that she was right. Here I was, my last year in law school, with the vast majority of all my graduation requirements already met, and I was already grooming my transcripts for a career that I didn't even really want to enter and a bar exam that I knew I'd probably study for enough to pass regardless of my curricular background.

So, I decided that a change was necessary, and this morning I revamped my schedule. I dropped Corporate Income Tax and replaced it with Copyright Law, and I swapped a Licensing IP class for Decedents. That, and I plan to do a directed study of some kind. Not huge changes, but they feel important somehow. I might not even like soft IP, but I figure it at least is the closest I can come to somehow meshing my creative impulses with the legal world. Maybe I'll work for a publishing company or something.

I hope it's fun....


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