09 June 2005

Super quick update

My blog posting has somehow become less frequent, even though it's summer. Even though I feel less busy now that Spring semester is over, I guess in reality I have just as much stuff to do. I'll do this list-style since that's easier:

(1) I turned in my revised decision to the Judge (the one I've been referring to in many blog posts). I guess I did something right, because ten minutes later he comes to my cubicle, says nice job, asks for a bigger space for his signature and that was it. No real feedback, but I'll take a "nice job" anyday. He said it a couple times, actually. It was very unreal, watching a real judge sign something I wrote and knowing that this would be going out into the real world and having a real impact.

(2) As it turns out, the day I missed work was a day that a hot shot attorney came in to argue a mega-huge case (these are actual lawyer terms I'm using, of course--it's a closely guarded secret of the profession that we all talk like surfers). The one guy at work who never has an ill thing to say about anyone actually described him with a word that begins with "a" and ends with "hole," and it was supplemented by adjectives. My jaw almost hit the floor, because I just didn't even think the guy was capable of swearing. The consensus was the same from the others in the office. Clearly, the lawyer must have really bad to elicit this kind of reaction. Wish I had been there.

(3) The papers are done!! All 43 are done!! Despite all my complaints about many of the papers (and they were warranted more often than not), there were a couple students who really improved on this last assignment. I felt good about this, even though I had minimal influence (if any) on how the students do. I've only met a handful of them, and I doubt they read the comments I put on their papers. But, I still like seeing someone work hard and then having a breakthrough moment, where you can tell they turned a corner in their level of understanding or ability. I guess this is what must motivate people to become professors and then stick with it so long, at least the ones who seem to actually care about pedagogy as much as research.

(4) I finally got over being sick. Everyone I know in Michigan (and I'm not exaggerating) has had or currently has the same thing. And it's awful, whatever it is. You'll think you have really bad allergies at first, then a really bad head cold, then a sort of flu-like thing, and then a delirious night of fever and aches and general yuck, and then feel relatively good the next day, except that you could swear you were beaten with a hammer. I think at some point there was a baseball behind my nose. It sure felt that way.

(5) Construction has gripped downtown Lansing. Actually, it's always under construction, but it's especially bad lately. Not really newsworthy, but getting to work when your building is in the middle of all the torn up streets and now torn up sidewalks is really enjoyable.

(6) This mortgages class I'm in has some classic sound bites. I've been writing them down, and hopefully I won't forget to post a long list of them in a couple weeks. Which reminds me, the exam for my summer class is in about two weeks. It's always fun to realize something like that....

(7) My sister and her [insert relationship word here because they don't "label" it--special friends or something, I don't know] from Texas are going to Chicago for a fun and festive three days around the Fourth of July. Her blog should be very fun over the next two months leading up to this and following it. Elvira would have been very useful in the days of yore when oral tradition was critical--she still talks about her trip to France from when she was in high school. So read her blog, it should be interesting. Lots more interesting than mine over that time frame, I assure you.

(8) The power went out an hour or two ago (after five days of 90 degree stickiness, a huge storm finally rolled through--and there was a very frightened deer about thirty feet--really!--from my front door, but my digital camera wasn't charged, darnit). Anyways, my laptop battery is dying, so I must cut short this riveting entry.....


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