06 June 2005

Wow, an incredibly dull three days...

I was sick all weekend, and I'm still sick today, and the forecast for tomorrow is mildly sick with a chance of thunderstorms and lingering body aches. And it's been unusually warm outside (it hit 90 on Sunday! 90!! In Michigan in early June!). As anyone knows, being not well when it's freakin' gorgeous outside is torture. I had to call in sick to the Tribunal today (all at once now: awwww, too bad). I wonder if I'm missed at all after only being there three weeks. The warped part of me imagines that the cubicles fall down and a pool table and dart boards appear, and a big bin of koosh balls is wheeled out. At least, I'm assuming all the fun happens when I'm not there, because it certainly doesn't happen when I am there, and no place can be unfun for eight hours straight every day. Can it? Should it?

That, and I'm enjoying the fruits of my procrastination. By failing to consistently work on grading papers (my TA job) I've managed to leave myself with, quite literally, exactly enough hours to finish them by the deadline for grades being due. Each paper takes an hour. And each is about exactly the same thing, dealing with the same cases, making the same arguments. I think I age more quickly when grading papers. But the really sick part is that the perfectionist proofreader part of me kind of gets off on the whole process. Figuratively, I mean.

Meanwhile, TV is conspiring to slow me down: specifically, the French Open finals, and a collection of entertaining action films, like The Matrix and The Mummy and--yes--Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (her lips are huge!!! but I guess it's all relative....). To be honest, Ron Popeil infomercials could distract me in my current frame of mind ("set it, and forget it!"). Let's just say I got the most grading done during Tomb Raider, can't imagine why. Spider-Man is on tonight--maybe I can dwell on the upside-down kiss scene for a few minutes. I'll have to put that on my to-do list....

Did a lot of cooking this weekend, but it was one of those stretches where stuff just didn't taste good, to the extent I could taste it. I did go to class this morning, which I consider a real example of my burgeoning maturity (or an ability to ignore my common sense--they might be the same thing). It was funny, mainly because I swear the prof was speaking another language most of the time. And all the grades are in now from Spring semester. I will simply say that my ability to pull a 4.0 clearly died in undergrad. The L in law school must mean "lowered expectations" or "looney grading system," since I got the same grade in a class I thought I almost failed as I did in a class that I thought I might have a chance of getting the high score in, proving once again that I have no ability to predict how I will do in any class, regardless of my effort or my level of class participation. Which is oh so satisfying. I have also come to the conclusion that four credit classes are not my friend, and have proceeded to drop such classes from my schedule next year. Even though they will be heavily tested on the bar, I've decided I'd rather just take "fun" classes (using the term very loosely) and study the other stuff on my own. I'll have to see how smart that decision is. Maybe someone out there can advise...

Clearly, there is nothing exciting to share, so I'll end this. Please, something happen to me so that I can write about it (something not bad, of course).


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